In The Words Of Fab: If Everybody’s A Boss Then Who’s Really Working?

There are not too many things that can justifiably yet, foolishly convince us that we ourselves or our peers are doing well other than a few hundred likes, a few thousand followers and a million pictures that show that you’re either having the time of your life or making big boss moves.

Positive affirmations and speaking thoughts into existence are apart of a routine that we should incorporate in our everyday lives. However, being able to separate reality from our own colorful imaginations serves as a more solid form of clarification on whether or not we are working towards a successful life and actually gaining in the process. It’s easy to project a reality that our goals are being met or that we’re really out here “eating.” Turkey burgers and hot chocolate. Really hoe?

“How you ride doesn’t matter what kind of car you get.”

The goal is and always has been to win not to look like you’re winning but it seems that more people have become content with looking like that nigga rather than actually being him or her. So with everyone claiming to be “winning,” how can we tell who’s out here “working.” Better yet, that’s none of our business. How can we navigate through life without falling into the visionary facade of success.

Yet in still, some are fulfilled with the facade they portray. At the same time some are unaware of the lack of weight that their image actually holds. And that’s cool, because just like the rest of us, we’re just trying to figure it all out. Separate from that though, there’s a thin line between love & hate jooshing it up a bit and pretending like you’ve got it when you really don’t.

“Fake this and fake that got you feeling yourself. You can’t be real with me, you ain’t even real with yourself.”

Oh to be young and dumb…it’s a process and really what other people say is minuscule in reference to your life, to your work and to whatever else you have going on. But when cards get pulled, being able to quickly decipher which one should be played will show the amount of time and attention you took to separate your weaker ones from the strongest. When it’s time to count books, the winning team is the one who ends up with the amount they planned and accounted for and didn’t come up short. That’s not going to happen playing a potentially trash hand like it’s full of spades and aces. So instead of frontin’, do what needs to be done so that you don’t have to front anymore. What you’re trying to portray will be your reality because In The Words of Fab..”If everybody’s a boss then who’s really working?” 

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