4 Reasons Why Cardi B’s Come Up Should Inspire You


If you are anything like me, you were already tuned into Cardi B’s boisterous videos before “Love and Hip Hop: New York” introduced her to the world on a greater scale.

“It’s cold outside but I’m still looking like a thottie because.. a hoe never gets cold” 

became a well known Cardi proverb and was used as a legit excuse to wear sheer and/or above the mid-thigh dresses in the middle of winter…at least by me anyway.

The mannerisms of the regular, shmegular Bronx native drew us to her big mouth and even bigger personality. It kept her around for longer then what most people expected.

Cardi’s navigation through the industry is nothing short of a reminder that where you come from does not define where you may end up and THAT alone serves as a true piece of inspiration. Yes! Cardi B an inspiration! Name one other person that you know who was kicked out of their house at 18, started stripping and now is signed to a major record company with a multi-million dollar contract…

We can continue to use our upbringings and disadvantages in life as an excuse or we can rip a page out of Belcalis Almanzar’s book and use them in our aid to living our dreams.

Here are 4 ways that Cardi B’s rise to success should serve as an inspiration.

She Did It Without a College Degree

Cardi traded in her college education to work, as a stripper to be more precise. In an interview with 105.1 ‘s “The Breakfast Club”, Cardi spoke on how her responsibilities got in the way of her dreams and at one point she gave up on them entirely. While battling the belief that many of us struggle with, Cardi was still able to seize opportunities despite the hand that life had dealt her and took advantage of the tools that she did have. With that, she made her life turn in the direction that she had always hoped for and without the college education many of us strive for. Social media, something that some of us still use for mainly shits and giggles, was a huge contributor in Cardi’s success.

She Did It When No One Took Her Seriously

A college dropout and a stripper from the hood, most people would have counted her out but only the real ones know that the struggle breeds most of the heroes that the world has today. Even after gaining some attention via social media, most people still took Cardi as a joke, never believing her to be more than just that. Her debut on “Love and Hip-Hop” shocked a lot of people but still didn’t get her the respect that she sought. Recently, Cardi has made steps in the direction of a fashion icon, actress and a rapper despite not always receiving the support she yearned for.

She Did It Despite Being In An Unhealthy Relationship

Relationships shmelationships, they come and go but it seemed like her relationship with ex-boyfriend Tommy would last forever. Especially, after she considered marrying him while he was behind bars. Unfortunately (Fortunately), the true colors of Cardi’s relationship began to reveal themselves and things fell apart. Unsuccessful relationships have the ability to take even the most focused person off of their game. However, even after the sudden breakup followed by the drama from other women via Instagram, Cardi and Tommy have been able to remain friends, her career has further flourished and she is now rumored to be dating Migos member, Offset. That’s the real definition of having your cake and eating it too.

She Did It And Was 100% Herself

Flaws and all! It’s pretty clear that Cardi’s crazy, yet entertaining antics have been a part of her since the moment she was born. Many people may view Cardi’s improper English, violent sprees, career choices, and a lot of other irrelevant things to dispute the idea that she is one to be inspired by. However, none of us are perfect and our imperfections are what makes us great. It is only when you pick up a persona that is foreign to who you really are that you begin to lose. Be who you are with no apologies and you will be rewarded. Whether you like her or not, Cardi is an example of that and if you still think that one’s past, present, future or whatever is definitive to where they will be in life, you just don’t get it and maybe you never will. “Know what im shayin?”

(Images: Elle.com)

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