Social Media Sisterhood: The Love Women Show On Social Media vs In Real Life

The luxuries of being born with a vagina peak at the highest levels of greatness but all good things come with its share of downfalls. In more recent years, women have taken to social media to express their support for their female counterparts.

We retweet pictures of our sisters, gas them up, cosign their witty captions and acknowledge their hard work and projects. We even put other women in their place when they attack another woman’s relationship and put men in theirs when they don’t respect the ones that they’re in. On one end we preach about togetherness, supporting one another and who we are as our own personal beings but on the other hand we don’t actually live that life. Not in person anyway.
Not to say that every woman should like every woman on the planet but as friendly and supportive as women come off on the internet, one would be shocked when met with the total opposite attitude face to face. Retweets, heart emojis and “follow my sis” posts turn into half ass introductions, glaring stares and “look what the fuck she got on” whispers.
It’s certain that we all do it. Sometimes in good fun, sometimes on accident but in a lot of instances, in pure shade. The trend of social media sisterhood is surely a step in the right direction but it almost has become a life of hypocrisy, abandoning the sweet loving girl on social media for the stone cold, non-engaging bitch. Approaching a random girl with a joke, or handing out a compliment, even politely receiving a compliment is unlikely. In a majority of cases, the difference in our welcomeness through technology and in person is night and day and mostly due to competition.
It’s natural. The only way to measure how good something is, is to compare it to something else and that is common to a fault amongst women. It’s only understandable that when surrounded by an entire universe of baby-housing, milk-producing, glowing goddesses, a woman, maybe even the most confident one, may question her own self but a girl who possess the same self-assurance that she expresses via social media can not be swayed into petty competition and ignorant beefs.
So how can we turn our social media sisterhood into a real life understanding and bond? Simple! Transfer that same love you show from behind the screen to face to face encounters. Stop being fake and unnecessarily bothered by another woman’s presence. If solving the problem isn’t particularly your concern and you enjoy the Jekyll and Hyde persona that you may possess. Then that’s cool too sis! Keep delivering those retweets and favorites. if nothing else, they are still appreciated.

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5 thoughts on “Social Media Sisterhood: The Love Women Show On Social Media vs In Real Life

  1. Now if you gonna go off this how you go off. I’m the most unfollowed for being what everyone tell you to be, yourself. I curse, I rant, I have human emotions that I share why the hell be mad because it didn’t come with a stock photo with a bunch of fakeness all these bitches is fake. They play favorites for attention and show fake love. This is a good post.


  2. I certainly agree with this post a 100%. If women did as much as we do online, when It comes to supporting our sisters and encourage each other. We would be unstoppable. I can definitely say that being a women comes with its challenges, insecurities and fears but learning to overcome that is the key to success. Knowing that one women’s success doesn’t deter yours. Finding a good level of self awareness and confidence will help with that as well.

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