Introducing GIRL #3 (The EP)

“What does Girl #3 mean?” is usually the first question people tend to ask.  “You sing?”, in a surprised tone, tends to be the second. Even though the title of the EP or maybe even the mere fact that I (SIS) am dropping one is a shock to most, it’s nothing compared to what listeners are in store for once they push play. After years of fear and contemplation, Girl #3 is finally on the brinks of release and it feels like the right time…finally. 

Almost 38 different track lists, at least 7 different release dates and a countless amount of obstacles that made this journey everything but a smooth ride, the project in itself is just that. A smooth ride. Whether it’s the vigorous lyrics that boast about the relevancy of my vagina or those that illustrate the intensity of my anxiety, Girl #3 covers a wide range of emotions but in the coolest, calmest way. Girl #3 will give its audience a good feel for who I am and what it took to get here. Girl #3 wreaks of intrigue.

The best way I can explain what the title means is by explaining how something can be small and seemingly insignificant, yet still very vital to the completion of something bigger. Think of it this way. There can be a million strokes of paint in a painting. At the top right corner lies one of many. That 1 pink paint stroke that hardly anyone sees is still vital. It’s there for a reason and without it the picture wouldn’t be whole. Girl #3 represents that small stroke and its contribution to music but most importantly, to me.

While Girl #3 may mean one thing to the world, it holds a more personal definition for myself. As someone who loves comfort, I’m used to doing something one way and I’m likely to do it that way for a very long time. I like to call it “cruise control.” It’s something I’ve spent majority of my life doing and while it has benefited me in some ways, it has held me back in most. I never aimed for A’s in school. I never went for captain of the cheerleading team. I never tried to be the best even when I knew that I was capable of being it. In some weird way, I was afraid of giving my all to anything. It took me a while to realize it but once I did, I decided that singing was a necessity to prove to myself that I can do more than just cruise by. I also had to realize that I was given a gift that I was completely wasting.

In it entirety, “GIRL #3 (The EP) represents the manifestation from insecurity and self-doubt to self-assurance and purpose. It narrates the journey, and illustrates the transition between the two states of mind. That assurance and that purpose flourishes in the trusted belief that I am more than what I have offered those who have encountered me.  I’ve never felt obligated to be transparent, but I haven’t been fearless in doing so either. So from me to you, I give you… Girl #3, dropping March 31, 2018.

(Images: Dahlia Wesley

Written by: SIS

Twitter: @shhh_imSPEAKING

Instagram: @shhh_imSPEAKING

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