If I Knew Then What I Know Now

When a situation occurs that reminds me of one that I’ve been in before, my mind usually goes straight to predicting how said situation will turn out. This is solely to further validate my belief that I was born with prophetic or psychic ability. Also, it grants me another possible chance to tell people that I, indeed, was born with prophetic or psychic ability. *winks*

The second thought that rams its way into my mind is how much of the wrong way I would’ve handled said situation just a few short years ago. It’s not that I’m immune to fucking things up every now and again but there are some mistakes that I’m just not making any more. At the very least, I KNOW not to make anymore. The reason why? Well for starters, I barely made it out “alive” the first or few damn times. For two, some things you only need to go through once. You know, just to get it out of your system. Now that they’re all out, I can share. Here’s a quick list of things that I’ve grown to learn from and would’ve done differently had I known what I know today.

  1. Talked Less

This one is the simplest and probably the easiest to achieve… these days. I am an open book for the most part. The proof is in the pudding, I write about my experiences on a damn blog. However, talking about every move that I plan to make has proven to be less than productive. The thought of starting something new can be exciting and wanting to share that excitement with others is normal but you never know what others are going through. Sharing your moves may result in unwanted (for whatever reasons) responses and these days I’d rather save myself the headache. Another reason? You can start to look like the ultimate cap after announcing for the 5th time that you were starting a new project, the same project that you’d eventually become uninterested in and never release. I also think that it’s good for the soul to have some secrets with yourself; to have something that you and YOU can look back on and chuckle at. Call me crazy but you can’t deny that your own company is all the company you want and need sometimes.

2. Ditched It

Now this one isn’t about starting things and not finishing them. It’s more so about leaving situations when they no longer serve their purpose. Further more, leaving situations when they’re not good for you. Relationships, friendships, jobs, school. All of that. I could’ve cut a lot of things off before they got too deep; once they had already proved themselves to be a waste or once the lesson that I needed to learn from the situation was already “learned.” I don’t regret too many things but there are many things that I look back on and know that I could’ve and probably should’ve quit while I was ahead. Some of those things I’m still paying for years later.

3. Payed More Attention

Dedicating my time to things that were more useful to me could’ve helped a lot. Not because I think I wasted any time because as we know everything happens when it’s supposed to. Right? However, in dedicating time and paying more attention to those different things, I would’ve figured out that those were the things that would truly make me happy. Had I been following my own interests and listening to myself more I would have learned that earlier on. I was subconsciously hindering myself from the things that were important to me because I was afraid of looking foolish, afraid of doing things that deviated from what others were doing and failing. Whole time, I was being foolish by even going by this naive, made-up rule of thumb. It was costing me my piece of mind. Eventually, I realized that that wasn’t the way to go. Sometimes I get distracted by what’s around me but when I snap back to my reality, I switch gears as fast as I can…

and I’m going to continue to switch gears as many times as needed because there will be things that I’m going to learn later on in life that I wish I would’ve known now in this very moment. I’m on board and welcome any new lessons that come my way. Let’s embrace the ignorance of our pasts and welcome the enlightenment from the future… or something like that.

(Images: ABCNews)

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