Quick Tips: 5 Ways To Work Around Your Laziness

Easy, breezy, beautiful and by easy and breezy, I mean lazy. Yes. Me! I am inherently lazy. It’s something that I have to consciously rebuke when it tries to take over. In my laziest phases, I can let things pile up so tall that they’re seemingly impossible to climb. So what I do? Act more stupidly Rest at the bottom of my self-constructed hill of procrastination and watch old episodes of “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.”

If you’re anything like me, the mere desire to want to be successful isn’t quite enough to get and keep the ball rolling. Of course, there may be other factors contributing to your lethargy ( i.e depression). Yet even still, you may need some help working around it. Continue reading for some quick tips that may help you crack that lazy bone.

1.Start Off Small

You don’t have to reach for the moon. Just the branch on the shortest tree outside. When we feel overwhelmed by how much there is to do, we tend to shut down. Go small! Instead of committing to washing all of the dishes, do dishes for 5 minutes. See how much you get done. Instead of trying to run a mile, walk for 7 minutes. Working this way will result in something getting done as opposed to nothing and you’ll feel accomplished.

2.Work in Spurts

If you’re trying to tackle a task that may take some time, try working in short bursts of productivity. Remove distractions or put them in an inconvenient place and focus strictly on work for 20 minutes. (answer some emails; organize your work station) Afterwards, take an inevitable but short break and then get right back to it. Working this way will give you something to look forward to and will give you a well deserved second of laziness.

3. Check Your Surroundings

Who and what is around you have a lot to do with your work habits. Surround yourself with people that will keep you on your A game. If you don’t have those people in your life then that’s who you should be following on social media. Try following people who are doing more of what you would like to be doing. This wont only spark some fire under your ass but it can also help give you ideas and generate some creativity.

4. Unclutter

Clutter doesn’t only make me lazy but it makes me anxious. Getting started is hard, maneuvering in clutter is even harder. Make a list and check things off one by one or attack them as they come. Set intentions like “Today, I’m going to clean the bathroom.” “Today, if i don’t do anything else, I’m going to start writing that song.”

5. Be lazy

Allow yourself to be lazy. I’m talking super lazy. I’m talking dirty underwear lazy but set a timer to later go and get it together . Some relaxation is important. It can refresh your mind and allow you to do even more work when you’re ready to. Be lazy for an hour, maybe even an entire day but after you’re done use any of the tricks above to help you get things started.

Don’t trip if you stumble. effortless bars . If you start slacking, acknowledge it and pick it back up. Sooner rather than later.

(Images: Instagram: @yendy_s)

Twitter & Instagram: @shhh_imSPEAKING

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