Quick Tips: 5 Ways To Work Around Your Laziness

Easy, breezy, beautiful and by easy and breezy, I mean lazy. Yes. Me! I am inherently lazy. It’s something that I have to consciously rebuke when it tries to take over. In my laziest phases, I can let things pile up so tall that they’re seemingly impossible to climb. So what I do? Act moreContinue reading “Quick Tips: 5 Ways To Work Around Your Laziness”

The “I” in “We”: 4 Ways To Maintain Your Independence In A Relationship

There are too many reasons why people lose themselves in a relationship and most of the time they don’t even realize it’s happening. Soon enough, the honeymoon phase will end or somebody will smack some sense into you and you’ll realize that you’ve become completely dependent on your significant other (S.O.) and the relationship itself.Continue reading “The “I” in “We”: 4 Ways To Maintain Your Independence In A Relationship”

4 Pregnancy Symptoms That You’ve Never Heard Of

Never in my life has the phrase “whew child” been more useful than it is when describing some of my pregnancy symptoms. From backaches to mood swings, pregnancy has the power to change your body in a gazillion ways and all at once. I didn’t by any means think that it would be a walkContinue reading “4 Pregnancy Symptoms That You’ve Never Heard Of”

5 Tips To Help Soothe Your Anxiety

Already late to our destination, I took my time getting into the backseat of my mom’s car. I was about 11-years old and I was on my way to compete in a school spelling bee. I had on an outfit that I wasn’t too keen on (turquoise, khaki and glitter, ugh) and to top itContinue reading “5 Tips To Help Soothe Your Anxiety”

If I Knew Then What I Know Now

From boyfriends and false commitments, SIS reflects on the mistakes of her past and how they have been a useful tool to her today.

How Many Likes Did It Take For You To Forget Who You Were?

My older brother has always been the one to tell me what to expect as I got older. What sort of things I’d experience in relationships, friendships and in life in general were typically his main points of focus. My parents did too but the generational and cultural differences made it difficult to relate toContinue reading “How Many Likes Did It Take For You To Forget Who You Were?”

Do You Really Have Trust Issues?

You don’t have trust issues! …Or maybe you do. Who knows? But before you wallow in the belief that the way you trust or distrust is a real issue, let’s try dissecting what the term “trust issues” actually means and how it’s used. Trust, or the lack there of, begins affecting most of us atContinue reading “Do You Really Have Trust Issues?”

The Rise and Demise of City High…

Almost 18 years later, 2001’s second most requested song is still being played and still being chanted word for word whenever the opportunity grants itself. “What would you do if your son was at home, crying all alone on the bedroom floor cause he’s hungry! and the only way to feed him is to sleepContinue reading “The Rise and Demise of City High…”

The Stereotypes of Black Men and How They Effect Their Relationships with Black Women.

Healthy relationships are highly strived for but are simultaneously hard to come by. Find someone, build with them and then settle down. It sounds easy but the time intervals between each step and the plethora of factors that disrupt what seems to be such a simple equation has proven itself to be more difficult than assumed. AmongstContinue reading “The Stereotypes of Black Men and How They Effect Their Relationships with Black Women.”