hypefresh Mag: Exclusive Interview With Underground New York Duo, “LiveTouch Studios”

igorExclusive Interview With Underground New York Duo, “LiveTouch Studios”

Liquor filled to the rim of everyone’s cup, lips curled up matched with nodding heads to a pounding beat. The sound of excitement coming not only from behind the speakers but from the people creating the sounds from which they pulsate. These are typical nights in the studio with Igor “E” Marnet and Johnathan “Jay Klassic” Osbourne , founders of LiveTouch Studios.

The difference in where they come from has no effect on the projects they create together. Igor, originally from Omsk, Russia, and Jay from the Bronx, met through mutual friends and created a company that specializes in audio, photography, video editing and event hosting. Like many entrepreneurs , E and Jay plan to get their hands dirty in many different ventures but music is one thing they never see themselves washing their hands of.

“The music industry is definitely a business we see ourselves strongly involved with, but with being a business man there will always be other avenues we would like to dip into, ” said Igor. “Owning a club, starting a clothing line or even a Chuckie Cheese type venue for children is absolutely never out the question.”

” The Indie Flare Project ” is just one of many other avenues the duo has taken on. The idea is to bring up and coming artist to a spotlight so bright that their talents can’t go unnoticed. Surrounded by so many artists, picking the perfect ones to highlight their showcase is a task of its own.”Finding artists wasn’t the hard part because we work with so many and there are so many others out there looking for opportunities,” Igor said. “The hardest part was which ones to choose from, and we honestly hand selected 10 that would compliment each other in a show.”

Due to the dedication, social media and a persistent street team , the Indie Flair Project was able to round up about 250 audience members, a number they’re only hoping to double and triple each time. Their next show is scheduled for tomorrow at Levity Live , a popular club in West Nyack, New York.

Reminiscing on the first track they created in which they were extremely proud of , they recall building a song from scratch with Trenton rapper “Lewie2Stacks”. That track , entitled “I Don’t Blame Her”, contributed to their confidence in the music industry and with so much music and talent that goes unnoticed, Igor and Jay hope to stay relevant in a business that is constantly changing.

“In the next five to ten years hip hop will be something different but we think we can definitely contribute with our own style,” Igor said. Remember the music industry is one large market’ we are just developing ourselves as a product to fit into it.”

The underground music world is constantly pounding on the pavement up above them, trying to break through into an industry where many don’t survive. These two however, show a hunger and drive that can only promise them a future into it. The strong and vibrant sounds they create in the studio will soon be strong enough to break through.


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