HipHipSince1987: Smoke Dza Details His New Album “Dream Zone Achieve” W/ HypeFresh Mag

Link: Smoke Dza Details His New Album “Dream Zone Achieve” W/ HypeFresh Mag

“Dark room, flashing green lights, and good music sounds like the perfect scene for a cyph or two , doesn’t it ? However, that wasn’t the main event that took place at SOB’s in NYC on May 7th.

Smoke DZA gave the city an energetic showcase of his new album “DZA” (Dream Zone Achieve), which entails more details about his life and experiences. He describes most of his work as “burn out albums”, music that provides his audience and fellow stoners with a “soundtrack for their smoke session.”

While still staying true to that, this time around, the rapper wanted to give listeners not only a “pothead composition” but his life composition as well. While he enjoys rapping about his “leisure activities”, Smoke DZA explained that he does not want to be known for just that. This album in many ways acts as a story line that takes listeners from the beginning, where it all started, all the way into his most recent achievements. Smoke DZA admitted that this album also is his creative way to brand his name and the meaning of it so that people won’t ever have to question it again.

With songs like “George Kush” , “Substance Abuse” and ” Rolling Stone , it’s not hard to tell what most of Smoke DZA ‘s music wraps around, but he hopes that this album will act as more than just a good playlist for your late night cyph. This album, available now on iTunes, will give listeners a much greater look at what else the rapper has to offer. According to DZA, it’s basically a “bookmark to the next chapter. To get the full essence of the interview and his release party, check out the video below.” – Shelsie Ducheine

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